Blockchain in China investments and market trends

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October 15 | Monday
19.00 – 22.00 hosts a meetup "Blockchain in China investments and market trends" October 15th in Blockchain Association of Ukraine Hub in Kiev.

Meetup will welcome professionals from blockchain industry, entrepreneurs and investors to discuss current market in China. Representatives of blockchain startups in China will make a brief introduction on the state of blockchain infrastructure in China to discuss further:
Amirsan Roberto
Head of CIS at Genaro Networks
Amirsan Roberto has an experience working with more than 40 international companies as AmCham, AustCham, Aboro Academy, Manchester Business School, Life-Line, Heart2Heart, Angel Jet Network.

Amir is a founder of digital agency in Shanghai Roberto&Co (today is known as Tolmao Group), and also co-founder of educational platform Wonder.Wiki (the project attracted $500K from MFund)

At the moment Amirsan is working on two projects: Wiredin (service for promorion in Linkedin) and Genaro, which attracted more than 12К ETH from 12 funds (Block Asset, Link VC, Collin Star, Chain PE, Aware Capital, Tally Capital, Node Capital, Queschain Capital etc)
Of active discussions and high-quality networking
blockchain professionals, entrepreneurs, investors
Attendees are up to discuss:
  • Chinese investors expectations from blockchain startups;
  • Chinese blockchain protocols development and their Government Relations;
  • New Chinese regulations impacting crypto industry;
  • Chinese investments trends on blockchain market;
  • Cultural features of Chinese investment strategies;
  • "Dominoes effect" in China
Date: October 15th
Location: «Blockchain Association of Ukraine», 10 Verkhniy Val, Kiev
Start: 19:00
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