How to build a blockchain community. Open meetup.
December 1st | Riga | 18:00
About meetup would like to invite you to join our next meetup about community building and management. We will have 3 topics and speakers during the event.

"Communities concept"

The idea of communities existed throughout many years, but only with blockchain and open source projects the new approach to community as heart of the product appeared. Decentralized Nets, Open-source protocols, DAOs etc can be built only with a number of people who trust each other and cooperate on one project. The value brought by the community can be estimated in different numbers, but what is real meaning of networks effect for business all in all and blockchain field specifically? Who is the minimal valuable community and how it differs from project to project?

By Anton Zanimonets, CEO,

"Psychology of community"

Motivation looks different for diverse economic formations. There is power motivation, financial motivation and non-financial motivation. The first two were used in the world for quite a long time. But today non-financial motivation comes up and that's all what decentralisation is about. Future trust as significant motivation competes with financial-based approach. We'll talk about why only working product can offer real non-financial motivation to make development/promote the product and why ERC20-tokens related to "void" have no chance to exclude speculative community.

By Olga Grinina, Blockchain Writer

"Bringing community from real business to blockchain"

In the world of content, communities can amplify a message as it travels through the interweb of human relationships. Blockchain solves this with a streamlined method for content discovery and sharing that could also serve as a bridge into the world of cryptocurrencies, which is still unfamiliar to most content consumers. How can we move communities to blockchain? Based on years of industry experience, this talk presents a vision for onboarding large communities onto the blockchain infrastructure, creating a global protocol that lets users freely create, share, and monetize content.

By Janis Grivis, CEO, ASK.FM
Meet our speakers
Olga Grinina
Head of Communications, Akropolis
Olga Grinina is a blockchain journalist and Head of Communications at With legal, linguistic and design backgrounds and experience at top-tier law firms in Moscow and Los Angeles, over the course of the last year she has been engaged with a number of blockchain startups building the strategic content and PR vision.
Anton Zanimonets
CEO Iskander
Anton is a professional strategist with over a decade of experience launching and leading innovative IT projects for international businesses such as AstraZeneca, Novartis, Orange, Mars, MaximaTelecom. He also has an experience of launching technological startups.
Currently Anton consults a number of blockchain startups on their business strategy. With a multitude of experience gathered over his professional career, it became evident to Anton that the success of a project is closely tied to the health of its community. Thus, he brings his expertise to establish a community and change the way projects work with their audience.
Janis Grivins
Janis is the founding partner and strategist for several full-service digital marketing agencies operating in the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia, with 15 years of experience in product development, communications, innovation, and creative marketing. He previously worked as a Creative Director and Creative Account Director at Ogilvy and Red Cell affiliated agencies specializing in interactive projects. In 2016, Janis joined ASKfm and currently serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer. Janis has an extensive track record in public speaking as a guest lecturer to MBA students at Riga Business School for over 3 years, in addition to having run numerous innovation workshops in Europe and the Middle East.
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