Sep 9th, 2018
Developing your community strategy
Cyberport, Hong Kong
Workshop description:
This workshop is designed for community program owners to understand the fundamentals of building a community strategy that aligns with their business.

This course provides a framework and examples that can be used to build a community strategy that is sustainable and provides business ROI.
3 days of concentrated experience and new knowledge
The workshop will bring together community managers from all over the world
This is a foundational course for community program owners who want to walk away with tangible ways to raise the odds of their community becoming a success.

  • Why your community might be important to your business and your members
  • What the unique value of your community might be
  • What the community experience for your members might be
  • What metrics you might use to measure the value of your community
  • What it might cost to run your community

This workshop is facilitated by Anuj Adhiya, Director of Engagement & Analytics at GrowthHackers. As part of his role, he manages the entire GrowthHackers community (and all engagement on and off the platform) which has grown 5x in the last 3 years.
$50 USD
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100 Cyberport Road, units 1102-04,
Level 1, Telegraph Bay, Hong Kong